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Welcome To Debt Collector Online

Tuesday 23rd July 2024

Are late payers holding back your business?

Debt Collector Online is an automated and fully interactive system designed to make collecting your outstanding debts as simple as possible.

Using our Case Manager you can instruct us to send solicitors letters before action. You can issue court proceedings and serve statutory demands. You can obtain and enforce judgments.

The full cost of issuing a claim and entering judgment is recoverable from your debtor, making your claim effectively self-funding. We charge £5 per letter before action - but we will send the first one for free. So there really is nothing to lose.

Our solicitors can advise on and carry out your instructions on a wide range of enforcement measures, from court bailiffs through to personal bankruptcy and company winding up.

The DCO Case Manager provides you with a case history, diary and messaging service so that you can integrate the process with your normal credit control procedures, and communicate easily with us.

We can handle debts big and small, from those of sole traders to publicly listed companies.

Account registration is free and gives you 1 free seven day letter, click here to register.

Initiate proceedings in a matter of minutes. It's that easy. Click here to see how it works.


Hobbs Bros Ltd have been supplying Heating oil to west country homes and business's for over a hundred years. They provide a top quality service at competitive prices. Slow payment would eventually affect their ability to maintain their high standards of customer care.

Managing Director David Hobbs recalls his first debtcollectoronline experience. "We had an outstanding invoice for several thousand pounds which we were getting nowhere with inspite of our letters and phone calls. We found Debtcollectoronline via a search engine and issued a solicitors letter followed by a statutory demand. Within two weeks we had resolved the issue which had been concerning us for three months.

Since then we haven't looked back, I like having complete control over the process, the system does exactly what it says it will and the help desk is really valuable to have for those occaisions when advise is needed."

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