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The DCO Service

Your " In-House" Lawyer

Our aim is to provide you with an easy to use, powerful and effective businesstool to manage the collection and enforcement of your debts. This is done in a secure on-line environment, with full solicitor's support, allowing you to take control of the debts rightfully due to you.

There is nopoint in carrying out work for a customer, only to find that they do not or will not pay. Prompt effective credit control can not only save you additional and unnecessary expense, but potentially prevent the slow payer from turning into a bad and irrecoverable debt.

Our Service gives you the facility to take the swift action you need at a pre-determined cost to recover your money. Additionally, the court costs and fees you incur are recoverable from your debtor.

The system will send solicitors Letters Before Action, issueClaims, enterJudgments, and draw up and serve Statutory Demands.

However many debts you pursue through the DCO system, you are at all times fully advised of the present status of each debt, and what steps can be taken.

Through our unique Case Management System, accessible through your secure and individual password and username, you can view your cases, contact the solicitors and receive up to date messages as to the status of each case. If further action is recommended, you will be sent an e mail even when you are not logged on.

The system deals with uncontested debt collection and if the case becomes defended then you will be free to either take over the case yourself, stay with the retained solicitors or appoint your usual or other solicitors to act on your behalf.

Account registration is free and gives you 1 free seven day letter, click here to register.

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